Color combination is really the most important part of color theory and playing with colors also the hardest- it also comes down to your personal judgment and how you look at colors. There are however some guidelines that can be used to make a color combination that is interesting and please to the eye.

Analog color schemes

The analog colors are those colors which lie on either side of any given color in the color wheel. One color use as dominant color whiles other to enrich the theme.

Complementary color schemes

The complementary colors are the colors which are directly opposite from one another on the color wheel. Complementary color is contrasting and stands out against each other. Often it is a good idea to use a complementary color as the highlight color.

Split complementary color schemes

Split complementary colors are the analogous colors to its complementary colors. Using split complementary color scheme gives your room with a high degree of contrast, yet still not as extreme as a real complementary color scheme.

Triad color scheme

Triad color scheme are three hues equidistant on the color wheel. When you want room that is colorful and yet balanced, triad color scheme might be the way to go.


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